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...those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.

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A Heart for Christ

Our theme for this year is “A Heart For Christ.” This should be the goal of every Christian. We know we often fall short of that goal. Our focus this year is to draw nearer to God in our affections, grow stronger in our faith, and more active in His service. If this interests you, drop by. We would love to meet you!

Guest Lessons

Each year we bring in Guest speakers to address vital topics. We keep these available online for all to benefit.



Zeal for God

FrankWaltonJoin us as Frank Walton from Saraland, Alabama teaches his six part lesson, "Rekindle your zeal for the Lord and His transforming truth!"

September 14-17, 2014

Zeal for the Cross of Christ? - Sunday 9:30am

Zeal for Spiritual Growth - Sunday 10:30am

Zeal for Spiritual Growth - Sunday 6:00pm

Zeal for Fervent Prayer - Monday 7:00pm

Zeal for Devine Truth - Tuesday 7:00pm

Zeal for Personal Evangelism - Wednesday 7:00pm


Living upright in an upside down world

StuartTullisJoin us as Stuart Tullis from Dothan, Alabama teaches lessons on "Practical Christianity in a World of Worldliness".

April 13-16, 2014

What in the World is Going On? - Sunday 9:30am

Fear Frustrates Faith - Sunday 10:30am

Winning Over Worry - Sunday 6:00pm

Flee Fornication - Monday 7:00pm

The Idol of Idleness - Tuesday 7:00pm

The Strain of Suffering - Wednesday 7:00pm


What does it mean to live in God’s kingdom?

mike-wilsonThree years ago Mike Wilson shared Biblical perspectives about dealing with personal tragedy – topics he faced in losing his wife of 29 years.  Now he is returning to talk about the reign of God in the lives of Christians.  What does it mean to live in God’s kingdom?  Mike will address crucial theological truths and very practical issues (like Tuesday’s - “How Not to be a Grumpy Christian!).  We know that you will benefit from these lessons.  Mike is a diligent student and caring communicator of God’s word.  Please join us.  Mike is from Santa Clara, California.


Recorded September 29 - October 2, 2013


Bible Lectures: The Challenge of Real Discipleship

Brother Joe Hickman visits from the Asheville church of Christ.

Joe Hickman, guest lecturer at the Helena church of ChristPlease mark your calendars and plan to join us in welcoming guest lecturer Joe Hickman. Joe has been preaching at the Asheville church of Christ for 23 years. He and his wife Rachel have been married for 37 years and have two daughters and three grandchildren. Read more about the Asheville church of Christ here.

April 12-14, 2013 

Trust Enough - Friday 7:00pm
Those Who Say Such Things - Saturday 7:00pm

What Nickname Fits Me?
 - Sunday 9:30am  

Fan or Follower?
 - Sunday 10:30am 

God is Good - Not Gullible
 - Sunday 6:00pm

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